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Click here to view Product.. GT-180512123137005 Enfield No4 Mk 1 .303

Rarely seen now, Austerity pattern No4 MK1 with 2 land rifling.
First one we've seen in this pattern. These were hand fitted at the ROF using the parts that were just out of tolerance and couldn't be assembled en mass.

Condition is really rather good and original too. The barrel is in great order inside, the stock has some scars from it's past, and the metalworh is original. The cleaning pull through and oil bottle are also present.

It's nice to see one of these which hasn't had the woodwork varnished to death, the metalwork cleaned up like a new one and generally mucked about with. It would be a great addition to a collection due to it's scarcity as well as a good usable rifle. Calibre: .303. Mechanism: Bolt Action. Origin: English. Orientation: Right Handed.

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