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Pre Charged S.O.S

Have you got a pre-charged pneumatic air gun which needs some mechanical attention?

Don't let it get worse and rot away, bring it in to us and we can most likely get it back to perfect working order again. Most makes and any age of gun can be dealt with.

Give your cherished gun it's life back.

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 Pre Charged Sos 

Superb Rapid 7 just finished.

For all those after a practically mint Rapid 7 MK 1 with the Ambidextrous stock , completely serviced and fully checked at 11.6 ft/lbs, this one is hard to beat.
Oil finished stock, totally stripped and serviced correctly, and the bottle valve serviced too. Fitted with a Hawke scope and the Theoben moderator. It's practically as it left the factory.

Ring us for more.

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It can be restored!

Have you got an old air rifle or shotgun that's got sentimental value, but looks like its in need of some work, an old family heirloom which can't be replaced with a new one, or your first gun which means a great deal to you?
Dont throw them away, most of them can be rescued and continue giving good service and lots of pleasure. If you think it looks beyond help, just ask us first before you ditch it.

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