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150 years old and still going strong.

J Burrow of 116 Fishergate preston, Gunmaker. Here is a fine example of his work from around 1863.

Restored to it's original glory and looking exquisite. It's a superb handling and well balanced usable Preston built gun. Time and effort has been put into getting the right finish and level of conservation into this gun, giving it a clean and original appearance without over doing it.

Lightly re-chequered, the woodwork cleaned and re oiled, a traditional rust brown finish put back on the barrels to bring out the Damascus pattern that Mr Burrow went to so much effort to produce, and also a full service and lock clean.

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 Elegant Hammer Action 

Carcano M91/38 Corto 6.5x52

Collectable and usable and an historic model which rose to fame in 1963 in Texas.

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8 gauge single by William Brighton of Norfolk

A restoration project is nearly at an end now.
It's a really nice William Brighton 36" Skelp Damascus barrelled 3 1/2" inch chambered 8 gauge single. Over the last few months, it's had a full strip and restore on the action and woodwork. The work has been carried out so that it brings back the majesty of the gun without making it look brand new or over worked as many restoration jobs tend to do.
The oil finishing and assembly should be completed in the next three weeks, and then some lucky shooter can be the proud owner.

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