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Update on shop opening and clay shoot.

Looks like this lock down will continue for a few more weeks yet, which means the shop won't be open until the Government give us the all clear to do so. It's also affected the clay shoot, and stopped that dead in it's tracks before it even got going this year, consequently we have no idea yet what the immediate future brings, suffice to say that as soon as we know what we are allowed to do, we'll post another message. So for the mean time, abide by the Governments requests to stay at home, then we can get back to normal sooner rather than later. Stay at home and stay safe.
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1856 Tower Pattern Cavalry Carbine

This fine example of an Historical British Military percussion service rifle may be bought without a certificate and displayed at home if required, as it falls into the Antique and Collectable section of our current laws.
It's an 1856 Tower pattern Cavalry Carbine and retains its full range of operations and functions, serving to illustrate the development of the gun, giving the experience of how it felt to handle and use these nearly 200 years ago, made all the more enjoyable because of its extraordinary condition.
These Historical pieces are still about and represent a treasure which can be enjoyed by anyone, they are a valuable part of our military history, and a superb snapshot of a particular time in the development of our military weaponry.

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Traditional Damascus rust brown finish

One of the jobs we get to do from time to time is a Traditional rust brown finish on Damascus barrels.
This is the old method of bringing a deep and pleasing brown finish to the barrels which showcases the pattern welded detail of the barrel construction.

The process is very labour intensive and takes some considerable time to complete, often dictated by the type and quality of the iron and steel combination of the barrels being treated. The whole process from start to finish needs to be kept on top of, otherwise it's back to square one.
This is a job from the old methods of gun making, and is rarely undertaken because of the costs involved, but is so much more durable than the chemical processes which have replaced them.

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