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Click here to view Product.. GT-181019155245001 Browning B525 Hunter Classic steel proof 12 gauge

Browning call these the 525 Classic, and they come as standard with magnum steel proof on a 3 inch chamber, a nice game scene on each side of the action, and also on the floor plate.

It's a nice gun, showing a minor mark or two on both woodwork and metal work. It is very clean down the barrels, and is still nice and tight, suggesting it's had more carrying about than shooting. It would be just perfect for any clay or game shooting, as it has attributes that lend it to both styles of shooting. Calibre: 12 gauge. Mechanism: Over and Under. Origin: Other. Orientation: Left Handed. Trigger(s): 1. Barrel Length: 30.000. Barrel Length Inches: 30. Stock Length: 14.500. Stock Length Fraction: 0.5. Choke: Multi. Choke 2: Multi.

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Click here to view Product.. GT-181002155731002 Miroku 800 SW 12 gauge

Miroku 800 SW which dates to about 1965. Made with all the expensive things which don't get put on nowadays. Disc set strikers, hand engraved action, chopper lump barrels, well chosen wood with good close grain. Everything expected from a gun which is equivalent to a modern grade 5.

It's going to keep going for at least another 50 years and doesn't cost the earth, it'll also hang on to a lot of it's value as well. Great gun for someone wanting their first top quality item. Calibre: 12 gauge. Mechanism: Over and Under. Origin: Other. Orientation: Right Handed. Trigger(s): 1. Barrel Length: 26.000. Barrel Length Inches: 26. Stock Length: 15.000. Choke: 1/8. Choke 2: 3/8.

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Click here to view Product.. GT-180927143928004 Miroku 800 SW Trap 12 gauge

It's not the easiest thing to date a pre 1969 Miroku, but we think this one dates to 1965, and what a nice gun it is.

It's an 800 SW trap which is choked at 1/2 and 3/4, originally turned out full and full. It's in really nice condition, the barrels are practically perfect in both blueing and condition inside. The action is not loose at all, and the top lever is not quite centred, It may well have been tightened in it's time, but it is still totally serviceable and fully functional.
The engraving is the hand chased S series scroll work, the trigger is gold plated with about 50% left now and the stock and forend are a nice grade of walnut without any cracks or splits and are the original items, not replacements, even the original recoil pad is present in excellent condition.

These are high quality really well made guns for little money now. Todays Miroku equivalent is the grade 5, which is very much more expensive at well over £2000, and not as lavishly appointed as these. Calibre

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