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Click here to view Product.. GT-180221093921003 Winchester Model 23 Multichoke 12 gauge

Winchester could'nt have forseen the genius of their ways when this model was introduced. A side by side with multichokes, a single trigger and a 3" chamber with weight enough to use it on clays as well as game, (even Beretta copied the idea, although not as well) Whats not to like.
Sadly they are as rare as Baldricks brain. Made to outlast the owner - by the OK Gun company in Japan (now a golf course), they are made to the same quality standard as Browning and Miroku. One thing about these is their ability to hold on to their value, a bit like a shotgun ISA.
The condition is really good too, metalwork is 8 out of 10 and the woodwork is 7.5 ouit of 10. If it's a classic and a functional gun you are after, treat yourself. Calibre: 12 gauge. Mechanism: Side by Side. Origin: American. Orientation: Right Handed. Trigger(s): 1. Barrel Length: 26.000. Barrel Length Inches: 26. Stock Length: 14.250. Stock Length Fraction: 0.25. Choke: Multi. Choke 2: Multi.

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Click here to view Product.. WWNO32MK11943 William Watson No 32 MK 1 1943

Made by William Watson and Sons Ltd in 1943. These scopes have an interesting history (see link below).This scope was made for issue to the British army sniper under the War Department contract from the Government.Its condition is remarkable. The glass is practically unblemished externally, and the view is still very bright and clear, standard post and cross hair reticule which is the reticule moving system, and adjustment turrets which are very crisp and positive to adjust. The body tube has 75% of it's original blued finish, although it is thinning with age and has a patina to it, which is not unexpected. The brass turret housing has about 50% of the factory applied brass blacking evident. The sliding ocular shade is still functioning correctly and is a nice gentle smooth slide fit with no dents. The brass objective hood is also still in good undamaged order too. read the history
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Click here to view Product.. GT-180215164200005 BSA 240 Magnum .22

Rarely seen nowadays, these BSA 240 Magnums are still very much a good competitor to the Weihrauch HW45 pistol.
This particular one is still in its original box, which are also hard to come by. Its condition is almost as new, and it works perfectly. Calibre: .22. Mechanism: Over Lever. Origin: English. Orientation: Right Handed.

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Click here to view Product.. GT-180214163456005 Carcano M91/38 Corto 6.5x52

M91/38 Carcano Fucile corto (Short rifle).
This one is marked R. E. TERNI, 1940 XVIII. These carbine Fucile Corto variants were only produced in 1940. This has been kept in excellent condition, with all features intact.The woodwork and the metalwork are matching numbers, Rifling on these is of the fixed twist style, and it is in superb order, the open sights are of the 200m non adjustable variety.
It is rare to come across a Corto variant of the Carcano especially one which was only produced in one particular year, most of the output was the full size "Rifle" type. It would certainly do any collection proud., Calibre: 6.5x52. Mechanism: Bolt Action. Orientation: Right Handed.

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Click here to view Product.. GT-180214120009001 Miroku 3800 12 gauge

Miroku 3800 grade 1 Monte Carlo stocked trap gun with 30" Teague choked barrels and a nice tight action.

This lucky example has 5 long Teague chokes which in itself is a £500 job.
Condition is extremely good, all the blueing remains on the barrels and is deep and lustrous, just like new. The original varnish is on the stock, there are a few small marks on it, but not really anything to bother about. The trigger strap is the only part showing thinning of the blueing, which is pretty normal for where it is.

Lots of gun for little money. Calibre: 12 gauge. Mechanism: Over and Under. Origin: Other. Orientation: Right Handed. Trigger(s): 1. Barrel Length: 30.000. Barrel Length Inches: 30. Stock Length: 14.750. Stock Length Fraction: 0.75. Choke: Multi-Teague. Choke 2: Multi-Teague.

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Click here to view Product.. GT-180213091537001 Beretta S3 12 gauge

The S3 Beretta's are high quality hand made sidelock guns, which Beretta produced to challenge the Browning B25 series. Beretta regarded the Browning offering as ugly and over sized.

Handle an S series Beretta and a B25 and you sort of get what they were driving at. Altogether much more refined dimensions and in truth, much better engraving, certainly far superior workmanship within the action. The lock work is beautiful.

This gun is 1975, and has never been altered from its original specification, or re finished in any way, so retains its intended appearance, we like it very much, and will happily say it's a good 8.5 out of 10 for condition. Calibre: 12 gauge. Mechanism: Over and Under. Origin: Italian. Orientation: Right Handed.

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