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Click here to view Product.. GT-220511105859001 Winchester Model 96 Xpert 12 gauge

Nice honest Winchester Model 96 manufactured circa 1978. These were introduced in 1976 to satisfy the market for a quality affordable Winchester over and under.

This is the game gun with a 3" chamber. There is a small split in the forend, which has been pinned (and been there a number of years without sign of changing), and an even smaller one in the stock, present for equally as long. No matter, it's priced up to reflect the imperfections, it's is as cheap as a Lanber, but so much better.

8 out of 10 for condition. Calibre: 12 gauge. Mechanism: Over and Under. Origin: United States of America. Orientation: Right Handed. Trigger(s): 1. Barrel Length: 26.000. Barrel Length Inches: 26. Stock Length: 14.125. Stock Length Fraction: 0.125. Choke: 1/4. Choke 2: 1/2.

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