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New FX Pneumatics products (5)

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Click here to view Product.. FXDRS FX DRS

The FX DRS platform has been built from the ground up. The simple yet sophisticated FX DRS is a true high-end airgun. By eliminating features, such as the air tank, the FX DRS has more aesthetically pleasing lines ,while still maintaining the important features expectd from a modern high end airgun.
The FX DRS is a modular design, giving the user options to customize it. The pressure tank has the barrel running through the middle of it, enhancing barrel stability and eliminating the need for a conventional bottle. Performance is enhanced with the modular plenum disguised as a traditional magazine and the latest AMP regulator provides consistency in velocity, giving a performance edge.
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Click here to view Product.. FXWILDCAT FX Wildcat MK 3

The FX Wildcat is a perfectly balanced and ergonomically designed bullpup that defined the generation of bullpups that have followed in its footsteps. The latest edition takes the legendary platform and pushes the boundaries further than before. Users are now treated to more power, more shots per fill and the ability to tune the gun like never before with FX’s popular hammer spring adjuster, added to work alongside the AMP regulator. Other improvements include larger magazines and the all new FX Smooth Twist X Superior liner for improved accuracy.
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Click here to view Product.. FXPANTHUNT PANTHERA HUNTER 380MM

The Panthera Hunter incorporates technology that is a generational leap-forward. Designed in a lightweight and compact body.
The plenum feeding the Panthera is revolutionary. The Dynamic Plenum is an over-the-barrel plenum which provides a consistent regulated pressurized plenum around the barrel, adding incredible stiffness and power to the rifle. The Panthera Hunter now features a carbon fibre 300cc bottle in the front, plus you can now double up through the pressurised stock with a additional double air adapter kit and bottle. The Panthera Hunter further fits the shooter using a fully adjustable buttstock and an adjustable cheekpiece that is also ambidextrous. Finished off with dual 450 angled manometers on the left side of the block - displaying bottle pressure and regulated plenum pressure, a quick tune system and a 6 MIL / 20 MOA picatinny rail.
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Click here to view Product.. FXM3IMPACT FX Impact M3

The improvement within the M3 start with its dual regulators. The 1st regulator re-reduces the air pressure for the 2nd regulator. This provides less stress on the 2nd regulator providing improved output pressure. The FX Power Plenum 720 is the energy source of the Impact M3, its 72cc volume of compressed air provides both the precise amount of air and the power needed to propel the projectile. Working in co-ordination with the M3’s porting and valving it delivers the best power and efficiency available. A substantial upgrade to the Impact M3 is the user interface or the Quick Tune System. This is a tool-free system used to fine tune the rifle’s accuracy. The Impact M3 is a sophisticated mechanical pneumatic air rifle.

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Click here to view Product.. FXKING FX KING

At its core the FX King inherits the same tried and tested block of the Panthera and Dynamic, making it capable of delivering high energy levels in FAC formats, whilst giving superb levels of performance in the sub 12 ft/lb variants.
The king fires pellets extremely accurately, but excels in shooting slugs too due to its slug-based design and sophisticated modern valving design. All this technical competence is achieved hidden from sight whilst maintaining elegance and beauty externally in a custom-tailored GRS stock.
Possessing a large innovative over the barrel plenum system, the King uses big volume to its advantage. Whether shooting pellets or heavy slugs the FX King handles it with ease. Dual angled high precision Wika gauges measure bottle and regulator pressures keeping track of both whilst shooting, allowing the best performance to be achieved.
The Kings quick tune system is seamlessly integrated into the ergonomic GRS rifle stock, allowing adjustments to be made precisely.

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