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Click here to view Product.. GT-221119162140001 Gunmark Kestrel 10 gauge

If you like mud and wellies and filthy wet moonlight trips on the smelly salt marshes, then this is for you.
Built to be as rough as it needs to be, and still get the job done. Take it anywhere, drag it through the gloop it'll still keep on working. It isn't a delicate clay gun, and it isn't super beautiful but it is faithful.
Already sporting some marsh scars and marks, it wont make any difference if it gets a few more, there is no need to be precious with this Goliath.
Hose it down when returning home and apply some oil, job done until the next trip. Calibre: 10 gauge. Mechanism: Side by Side. Origin: Spain. Orientation: Right Handed.

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Click here to view Product.. GT-221105133433004 Greener, W. W. 08 gauge

A lovely 8 Gauge Greener which has now become available for sale. It has a recorded history from W.W Greener which is in with the images.
The condition is remarkable for a gun made in 1898, and over the years has had some adventures too.
Most notable is the sweet and sour incident whilst on the marsh one very cold January morning in 1970. In pursuit of two Geese which had cut out from a Skein flying overhead, the gun was fired bringing both Geese down and in the heat of the moment the unfortunate shooter had fallen over, landing on the gun and causing some damage to the stock head, which luckily is such a massive piece of timber, it was repaired with no ill effect to future shooting, fortunately for the owner.

The pictures show the scars left by the successful outing, but are fairly difficult to spot. The price does reflect the unfortunate historical incident. Calibre: 08 gauge. Mechanism: Side by Side. Origin: England. Orientation: Right Handed. Trigger(s): 2. Barrel Length: 33.000.

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