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Click here to view Product.. GT-180830145424003 Kemen KM4 sport Briley 12 gauge

Here's a Kemen KM4 which could be a bargain for someone. The pictures show that it's had a stock repair in the usual place for Kemen, It'll probably never break again with the steel rods fitted in, however the crack can be seen on the outside.

The gun will have been used a reasonable amount, there is some marking on the action face, which is more cosmetic than anything else. The barrels and action are tight without any of the usual looseness, and there is a little bit of pitting inside the barrel, the bluenig on barrel and action is virtually like new. The handling and shooting are all as would be expected. The barrels are 1510 grams in weight, the cast is 8mm left hand and the comb has 36mm of drop at the middle point.

There is no warranty on the woodwork, and the reduced price of this gun means that the purchaser will be able to fit a new stock if desired within an economically viable overall outlay. Calibre: 12 gauge. Mechanism: Over and Under. Origin: Spanish. Orientation: Left

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Click here to view Product.. GT-180814155720002 Kemen KM4 Game / Sporting 12 gauge

This is a rather nice Kemen game gun which also has a sporting feel about it, a refreshing change from the masses of clay guns.

The barrel weight is 1443 grams choked at 1/2 and 1/2, giving good handling and all day carrying comfort. Prince of Wales pistol grip with a well chosen piece of walnut for strength of grain direction and nice marking and well executed chequering on the butt, pistol grip and forend. Detachable single trigger, practically unmarked blueing both on barrels and action, and lovely and tight to open through lack of use with the top lever still in its brand new position over to the right.

It's a rather lovely gun and a delight to handle. Calibre: 12 gauge. Mechanism: Over and Under. Origin: Spanish. Orientation: Right Handed. Trigger(s): 1. Barrel Length: 27.625. Barrel Length Inches: 27. Barrel Length Fraction: 0.625. Stock Length: 14.375. Stock Length Fraction: 0.375. Choke: 1/2. Choke 2: 1/2.

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