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Click here to view Product.. SCOTBAKERLOCKS1 Scott and Baker back action lock work

These locks were hand made on the Scott and Baker patent in Birmingham around 1878. They are representative of the hammer shotgun lock work being produced by the Birmingham Gun Trade and supplied to many provincial makers throughout the country for inclusion in own brand shotguns with the provincial makers name being applied to the outer plate of the lock if required.

The style of lock is known as a "back action" with the mainspring being behind the tumbler, this part being let in to the head of the stock. Both locks are present here showing each side and the intricate details of the usually unseen hand made parts behind the lock plate, and mounted on polished walnut support bases and framed in Oak to show the Gunmakers art to it's best effect.

The display can be wall mounted and is supplied with the fittings to do this if required.

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