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Revive that PCP

After a hard life hunting for its keep, your old PCP might be looking a little sorry for its self. Is the wood or plastic stock all knocked about, and the metal action parts scratched, or just wearing very thin?
Well we took a gun just like that from one of our customers, and after giving him a bit of grief over its condition, he decided to have it fully re finished in a stealth look.

What he got was a subdued realtree camo dip on the stock which blends in to most backgrounds, and doesn't shout out at the vermin population with sharp patterning, in a trendy fashion concious way.
The barrel, action and moderator have been Cerakoted in a mid grey non reflective finish for complete weatherproofing and wear resistance.

The end result means that this gun will be able to go boldly where most shooters haven't gone before, and then just get chucked back in the cabinet, no wiping necessary.

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