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Successful shooters after being well coached


Helping the injured troops.

Bond and Bywater would like to acknowledge the kindness which has been forthcoming from our suppliers in helping us to help the injured troops with their re-habilitation by supplying the necessary equipment for the activities which are laid on for them by the SOUTH WEST SCOTLAND RnR charity organisation and all the unpaid volunteers working to help with the injured troops welfare.

You will be able to see the good work they do by following this link

Our grateful thanks are extended to the following, who have so far been very generous with their support.

EDGAR BROTHERS of Macclesfield

AIR ARMS of Sussex


The troops have benefited from some very popular activities to help them in body and mind, and it all becomes worthwhile when a letter is sent from the charity organisation which is at the sharp end of the support and volunteer activity saying thanks.
You can read it here.

You will be able to see the good work they do by following this link

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