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Premium Quality And Performance For Regular Prices


Locally made cartridges to beat the big boys at their own game.

Empire Cartridges was conceived as an antidote to the way shotgun cartridges are currently branded, marketed & sold by the established cartridge cartel manufacturers.

Frustrated with how a product that should be a relatively simple range has become a complicated and confusing sea of products whose main differentiating factor is what is printed on the box! (Its not actually true that it costs more to print pictures of pheasants than pigeons on boxes)

The answer to this is simply a range of consistent, smooth high performing cartridges that are separated by shot weight & size, with all the shot sizes in English sizes of course.

Currently available in 70mm Lead in 12 bore, this will eventually expand into the other gauges and non-toxic choices too, with the steel range to shortly debut an innovative and brand new patented design of bio degradable wad very soon.

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