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ZAN Projectiles .177 Slugs in stock

This is new .177 slug from ZAN Projectiles, made after many hundreds hours of development to meet high standards in accuracy, expansion and performance in practically all of the .177 barrels on the market.
Zan's .177 (4.5mm) slug is created for high power air guns as well as sub 12 ft/lb rifles.
Zan slugs are high quality slugs with a silky body, deep hollow point for huge expansion from below 700 fps right up to the highest velocities.
The base has a shallow dished shape which has been designed to give good accuracy in a range of different barrel types.

weight = 10 grains / 0.65 gram
400 pcs per box
Diameter = .177" / 4.5mm
Length = 0.21" / 5.3mm
BC = 0.048 G1

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